Marvelbet Affiliate

Have you been looking for the best online casino for yourself for a long time? Then Marvelbet is what you need. The best online casino for India and Bangladesh, which offers its users a variety of online casino slots and a variety of sports betting platforms. If you like to receive and play with bonuses, then there is also a wide variety of promotions and bonuses that will be available to you from the moment of registration. Marvelbet will be the most fun, interesting and most importantly exciting pastime for you.

Also, for those who want to become a partner of Marvelbet, we have our own affiliate program that will be pleasant to work with due to its simple interface, as well as professional managers for working with partners who can also help you. That will simplify the work of affiliated persons, as well as their subordinate employees in the work of recruitment and hiring. You also can be able to access the affiliate program anywhere in the world, due to the fact that it is presented in both desktop and mobile versions, which also facilitates its use. The income that you will receive in the Marvelbet affiliate program depends on the success and results of the work of the lower-level partners.


Marvelbet India affiliate products instruction

The main products presented on Marvelbet:

  1. Slots;
  2. Live casino;
  3. Sports book;
  4. Sport exchange.

An important component in working with the affiliate program will be advertising, the target audience of which is based on games. Marvelbet is an exclusive gaming platform where you will find well-known gaming platforms for Sports Exchanges, Bookmakers, Casinos, Live Casinos and Lotteries. Marvelbet presented slots on 7 different platforms containing more than 300 games in which you can get the Jackpot. Also there are Live-Casino on Marvelbet with the most popular types of games, such as Poker, Roulette, AndarBahar, Roulette, Baccarat and many other famous games with a live dealer, which give you the feeling and experience of being in an offline casino. Marvelbet has also not forgotten about the players who like sports betting, offering 2 exclusive platforms for bookmakers and an exchange market for all popular sports events.

Marvelbet affiliates benefits

For our dear partners, we offer many advantages that will be pleasant to work with us:

  • Free Registration (After approval, you will be provided with the account login details, as well as its configuration, absolutely free of charge);
  • No Investment ( To get your first profit, you will not need investments, just increase your traffic, which will allow you to start earning);
  • Quick Payment( Marvelbet partners are paid a monthly income share. Get a quick payout of your stake);
  • Revenue Share( Get a guaranteed 50% share of the income of your lower-level participant monthly);
  • Affiliate Managers( Each Marvelbet partner is assigned its own partner managers for support);
  • Transparency( Everything is transparent, which is why you can always easily get information about the share of income that you receive from lower-level participants);
Marvelbet India affiliates benefits overview

Affiliates Registration Guidelines

Marvelbet India Affiliate program Registration guide

In order to become a Marvelbet partner, you need to do just a couple of simple steps:


Registration form

( If you have decided to become a Marvelbet partner and participate in the affiliate program, you need to fill out and submit a registration form. To do this, click on the “Register” button and fill out the registration form, the data you provide must be correct);


Pending Approval

( After filling out the registration form and sending it by the candidate for Marvelbet partner, you must wait for confirmation of the application. It will be reviewed within 24 hours after it is sent, then a confirmation will be sent to the specified email address by the manager of the affiliate program);


Revenue Share

( A monthly share of income will be paid to the Marvelbet affiliate account that was specified during registration);

MarvelBet Affiliate Revenue Share

Marvelbet India Affiliate Revenue Share overview

Marvelbet provides its partners with a fixed income rate of 50% of the total profit, the calculation is carried out once a month and is quickly paid out to partners. The total net loss of lower-level participants should be at least 1000 INR monthly if there are at least 5 active participants. The share of income of the participants of the Marvelbet affiliate program is made up of the share of income that was received from lower-level partners, minus the amount spent on promotions or bonuses that were provided to participants during the period.

The formula by which your profit will be calculated is as follows:

The customer wins or loses, from which the profit is taken, after that 20 percent of the commission is deducted from it, which represents operating expenses, as well as the bonus that is provided to the customers is deducted during the promotion period. After all, we get the final net profit, from which we take away 50 percent, this will be your percentage of the share and your earnings.

For example is:

For Revenue Breakdown Example 1 you revenue is 50,000 INR, minus from this operational cost of 20% in size of 10,000 INR and promotion cost in size of 5,000 INR, hence we take total net profit 35,000 INR, total commission is 50% and profit of affiliate is 17,500 INR.

For Revenue Breakdown Example 2 you revenue is 500,000 INR, minus from this operational cost of 20% in size of 100,000 INR and promotion cost in size of 30,000 INR, this is more than in Revenue Breakdown Example 1, because affiliate have more active members, that need bonus and promotion , hence we take total net profit 370,000 INR, total commission is 50% and profit of affiliate is 185,000 INR.


  • What is the minimum Player requirement to get eligible for the commission?

    At least 5 active players must be in order to be eligible for their monthly commission.

  • What Payment methods does the Marvel Bet affiliate program support?

    All payments will be sent to the partner bank account that was specified during the registration of the affiliate. If you want to change the payment method, you can always contact your partner program manager.

  • How many times a month can I withdraw money from my account?

    The commission can be deducted from the account only once a month, after a monthly calculation.

  • Do I have to pay for applying for an affiliate and creating an account?

    No, we do not charge any funds to create an affiliate account and configure it.